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Stadtarchiv Solingen

As the "memory of the city", we are responsible for the transmission of meaningful information of all kinds on the history of Solingen.

Our city archive is available to the public. It is irrelevant whether you want to use our archives to write a scientific research paper or for private reasons.

We offer a variety of unique historical files, maps, newspapers, photos, posters, film and sound documents, right through to an extensive city and regional history library with lending options for our users.

Stadtarchiv Solingen

Opening Times & Contact

Your Contact

Gasstr. 22b
42657 Solingen

Phone number
+49 212-2903631
+49 212-2903648
Opening hours
Tuesday and Wednesday
9.00am - 4.00pm
9.00am - 5.30pm

Attention: Due to the corona pandemic, the Solingen city archive can currently only be used to a limited extent and opening times may vary. A visit request by phone (0212-2903631) or by email to is mandatory.
Our holdings

There is hardly a comprehensive short description of an entire inventory of an archive - including the Solingen City Archive. From modern times to yesterday - often gray to dazzlingly colorful - in oversized format or just a few centimeters in size - sometimes as light as a feather or as heavy as a kilo - handwritten or digital. Our archive holdings are as diverse in form and shape as the range of information they contain. What they all have in common is their expressiveness for the documentation of the Solingen city history in its many facets.

The creation and differentiation of archive holdings follows the provenance principle, i.e. all documents in a collection have the same authorship or the same place of origin (e.g. city or municipal administration, companies, clubs, institutions, public figures). The way to all information for those interested as well as that of our archive staff always leads through research.