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Wartungsarbeiten am 05.10.2022

Am 05.10.2022 wird in der Zeit von 13 - 15 Uhr ein neues Release für das Archivportal installiert. In dieser Zeit kann es zu Beeinträchtigungen bei der Nutzung des Portals kommen.

Die teilnehmenden Archive können sich hier über das neue Release informieren: 

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The NRW Archive Portal and its Resources

“Archives in North Rhine Westphalia” is a portal that provides access to the vast archive landscape in this federal state, covering all archive areas and institutions:

  • Over 475 facilities
  • Over 6,500 retrievable resources
  • Over 3 million searchable items
  • Over 200.000 digital copies of archived material

Search via the Archive Portal

  • Fast access to archives via a map, covering all areas, and also to information via functions and material available on the portal.
  • Detailed information from a large number of archives on their material:
    • Reference catalogues: information on archived material
    •  A small part of the material is available in digital form.
  • Access to archived material via a keyword search covering all areas of the archives
  • Systematic overview of the structures of selected archives, using a search navigator
  • The majority of archives can be viewed on site in the Reading Rooms.