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Gemeindearchiv Hopsten

The old Tödden town of Hopsten is part of the Tecklenburger Land with around 7,700 inhabitants. Today's local area consists of the village of Hopsten and the two districts of Schale and Halverde, which were formerly independent communities and were finally incorporated in 1975. As a result, the Hopsten municipal archive brings together records from all three districts.

Gemeindearchiv Hopsten

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Bunte Straße 35 (by post)
Bürgerhaus Veerkamp / Marktstraße 1 (archive location)
48496 Hopsten

Phone number
+49 1577527858
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Our holdings

The historical stocks of the municipal archive includes mainly files, some of which go back to the early 19th century and cover the municipal history of all three districts. Depending on their duration, they are divided into the older stock A (until 1953) and the newer stock B (until 1966).

A special feature is that the municipal archive is not located at the town hall at Bunte Straße 35, but in the historic Bürgerhaus Veerkamp (Marktstraße 1). The archive can therefore only be used there.