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Lectures in the City Archives

Once a month, history comes alive where the original sources are kept. The special thing about these evenings: The lectures are illustrated with files, charters, council minutes, photos and posters that the researchers have used for theirs. The original encounter with history combined with a lecture on interesting aspects of the city's history is a key feature of these theme evenings.

The lectures will be broadcast live on the internet. Personal participation is possible depending on the infection situation.

Guided tours through the City Archives

Guided tours allow anyone interested to take a look behind the scenes: Take a look at the reading room and library and visit our stacks, where the archive material is stored safely and in an appropriate climate!

If you are a teacher planning a visit with your school class or if you are a club or group interested in such a guided tour through the City Archives, please contact us! The easiest way is to write us an e-mail or call us.