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Kreisarchiv Viersen

The archives preserve the written cultural heritage in its area of responsibility. It safeguards legal and cultural assets of high value and serves the needs of society for historical information, transparency of administrative action and legal certainty. On these pages you will find further information and references to the archive.

Kreisarchiv Viersen

Opening Times & Contact

Your Contact

Thomasstraße 20
47906 Kempen

Phone number
+49 2162-392022
+49 2162-392014
Opening hours
Due to the current corona crisis, the number of available workstations is limited. We therefore recommend that you register in advance, if you wish to use the archive. The opening hours are current:

Monday to Thursday
9.00am - 4.00pm
9.00am - 14.00pm

As soon as the crisis has abated, the district archive will return to the usual opening hours at both locations:

Monday to Wednesday
9.00am - 4.00pm
9.00am - 6.00pm
9.00am - 2.00pm

Our holdings

The holdings of the archive refer to diverse groups of documents that have been combined into a unit according to logically comprehensible aspects such as their origin, their context of origin and their factual content according to formal characteristics. These include, for example, the files of city and district administrations, but also collections of photographs and newspaper clippings. Almost all documents in an archive are assigned to collections that structure the archive. The holdings of the archive are available online in this portal and can be researched


Dr. Michael Habersack
Katharina Marthin
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 20 22

Dr. Matthias Herm
Stellv. Leitung
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 20 33
Marcus Ewers
I-Bestände, FaMI-Ausbildung
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 22 91
Nicola Gedanitz

Benedikt Fiedler
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 20 25
Sigrid Meyer-Süsterhenn
Archivpädagogik und Bibliothek
Telefon: 0 21 62 -39 20 23
Martina Hirop
Bestand LS, photographische Reprographie
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 20 30

Annegret Hols

Janine Holzum
Lesesaal, Erschließung
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 22 94

Franciska Lennartz
Lesesaal, Bibliothek
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 22 92

Frederike Renners
E-Bestände, G-Bestände
Telefon: 0 21 62 - 39 20 24

Sulekha Roy

Georgios Warnalis

Sabine Wefers

Jens Wolters