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Vereinigte Adelsarchive im Rheinland

The archives preserve the written cultural heritage in its area of responsibility. It safeguards legal and cultural assets of high value and serves the needs of society for historical information, transparency of administrative action and legal certainty. On these pages you will find further information and references to the archive.

Vereinigte Adelsarchive im Rheinland

Opening Times & Contact

Your Contact

Ehrenfriedstraße 19
50259 Pulheim-Brauweiler

Phone number
+49 2234-9854225
Opening hours
Only after prior registration.
Our holdings

The holdings of the archive refer to diverse groups of documents that have been combined into a unit according to logically comprehensible aspects such as their origin, their context of origin and their factual content according to formal characteristics. These include, for example, the files of city and district administrations, but also collections of photographs and newspaper clippings. Almost all documents in an archive are assigned to collections that structure the archive. The holdings of the archive are available online in this portal and can be researched.

Informationen für Benutzer

As private archives, aristocratic archives are not subject to the provisions of state archive laws. Their use takes place in close coordination with the archive owners. As a rule, only holdings in aristocratic archives can be viewed that have been released for inspection by the archive owners and have also been indexed using finding aids. The legal basis for use is an informal written application to the LVR-Archivberatungs- und Fortbildungszentrum (LVR-AFZ) stating the research topic, postal address and telephone number. The application for use can be submitted by post, fax or e-mail. Since archive materials that are required for a scientific, regional and local history or family history question must first be borrowed from the archive owners, personal or written advice is required before use. Within the framework of a written request, a personal consultation and the inspection of the finding aids, the archival materials that are suitable for use are determined. Only then will the LVR-AFZ loan it out. A time limit of approx. 30 days for the use of the sources from the Rhenish aristocratic archives should therefore be planned. Assistance with palaeography and the transcription of selected sources can only be provided in exceptional cases.


Your contact person::

Dr. Manuel Hagemann
Tel. 02234 9854-358


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